Monday, October 04, 2004

English-Urdu Dictionaries

English dominates the world around us and in some cases even understanding the words in your own language becomes easy when we read its meaning in English. here are some of the best resources for looking up English and Urdu words. : you can look up words in both English and Urdu, Urdu is unicode enabled. : less word than but has other features like "word of the day", put their search on your website, search for word using your mobile phone. : if you don't have access to Unicode Urdu and would like to access using "Roman Urdu" then try this one. : Platts is one of the oldest Urdu dictionary around. If you are looking for some old Urdu words then this is the place where you can find them. : if you rather have the dictionary in your hands then try this Oxford English-Urdu Dictionary compiled by Shanul Haq Haqqi. : another English to Urdu Online Dictionary.

enjoy your searching and give me your feedback on which ones you like and why?


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