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Ashiq kairanvi:Born as "Siraj-ul-hassan Usmani" in the year 1932 as the eldest son to Mr. & Mrs. Peerzada Aijaz-ul-Hassan Usmani in Kairana. Today he is a well known Urdu Poet of Pakistan and lives in the serene suburb of Landhi in Karachi(Pakistan). He got primary education from Madarsa Islamia, Kairana. Roshan Ara Road in Delhi was his next abode, where his father was in some job at that time. It was the year of 1947 and he has seen the irony and trauma of Partition with his adolescent eyes. It was the time he started saying couplets (Ash'aar). In the middle of the bloody encounters in Delhi in 1947, this young boy moved towards Pakistan alone. His family left behind in Kairana at that time, however they joined him leter.
The prineely state of Khairpur was his first abode in Pakistan, but thereafter he settled in Karachi. He
accepts "Hazrat Sheikh Mohammad Zouq Dehalvi" as his ideal and moral teacher. His published books are
"Zahr-e-Ishq", "Imam Raazi", ''Boo Ali Shah Qalandar Panipati", "Saheli Boojh Paheli", "Bait Bazi",
"Kitab-al-Ashaar", "Masnavi Tulu sehar" and "Qa'ed ke Huzoor". The most prominat among them is
Kitab-al-Ashaar, which a is compilation of more than 1.25 lakhs couplets. Morever he has been associated
with many litrary and cultural organizations, namely Idara-adabastan Khairpur, Pakistan Writer's Guild,
Bazm-e-Hameed Karachi during his life time. In addition to these, he also acted as President of
Pakistan Reader's Guild for more than 20 year. We pray that the Almigty grants Ashiq Kairanvi, many more
healthful year, to give inspiration of not only to the persons of his own area of Urdu literature, but as an ideal for every man and women of Kairana.



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